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About Streaky Bay

Streaky Bay is an important, small service centre on the edge of the only safe, deep water harbour between Port Lincoln and King George Sound in Western Australia.

While the town has a wonderfully casual, Mediterranean ambience its real attraction is that it is surrounded by some superb, unusual coastal scenery. The beautiful Smooth Pool and huge white sand dunes on the Westall Way Scenic Drive; the sea lions lazing in the sun on the rocks below Point Labatt; the rugged cliffs and pristine, white beaches all help to make Streaky Bay a magnet for holidaymakers (sourced from the Aussie Towns website – click for more).

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Our Accommodation

Staying at:Discovery Parks - Streaky Bay Foreshore (click for website)Park Map (click to open)
Address:82 Wells St Streaky Bay (click for location)WikiCamps (click to open web page)
Contact: Tel: (08) 8626 1666Email (click to send)
Arrive:Sunday 24th September 2023
Stay for:4 nights
Depart:Thursday 28th September 2023
Notes:The park has a dump point
The park has fire cages located on the beach for people to use but NO personal fire pits are permitted
The park has a 3 hole bush golf course, with clubs available for hire via a donation to the RFDS

PLEASE NOTE: Sites will be assigned on arrival. No-one is to occupy another site other than the one they have been allocated by the caravan park management.

Here’s some images (from the internet) of Streaky Bay Foreshore Caravan Park…

Dining out in Streaky Bay

These are the top eateries in Streaky Bay (listed by distance from the CP)…

EateryAddressCallDistance from CP
Pelican Park Kiosk & Takeaway (on Facebook) try the whiting burgers!At the Caravan Park Office(08) 8626 11680km
Drift Streaky Bay - Seafood34b Alfred Tce, Streaky Bay0477 008 6691.4km
Streaky Bay Hotel - Pub33 Alfred Tce, Streaky Bay(08) 8626 10081.4km
Terrace 24 (no website) - Pizza24 Alfred Tce, Streaky Bay0482 062 0541.6km
Elliott's Bakery & Café (on Facebook)25 Alfred Tce, Streaky Bay(08) 8626 16101.8km
Streaky Bay Tourist Centre (Shell Roadhouse) - Take away13-15 Alfred Tce, Streaky Bay(08) 8626 18232.1km
FRESH SEAFOOD OUTLETS (no cooked take away):
Evans Oysters (no website)79 Wells St, Streaky Bay(08) 8626 12820.8km
Streaky Bay Fish Fix12 Alfred Tce, Streaky Bay(08) 8626 11611.7km

Activities & things to do in the Streaky Bay region

Tourist Info

The Streaky Bay Visitor Centre is located at 21 Bay Road, Streaky Bay - 1.4km east of the CP. Tel: (08) 8626 7033 Open 9am-3pm weekdays & Closed weekends
TIP: Most caravan park offices have stacks of tourist information brochures and the staff are usually helpful on places to visit

Stroll Around Town with the Streaky Bay Historic Walk

Curious about some of the buildings you have seen around town? This link for the Streaky Bay Heritage Walk outlines how the walk meanders for 2.6km around the centre of Streaky and stops at 28 different locations (please refer to the map below).

See the Great White Shark Replica

If you call into the Shell Service Station, make your way into the back room and take a look at the full size replica of a record-breaking great white shark caught in the waters outside Streaky Bay in 1990. It was caught on a rod and reel, and took more than five hours to land and another three hours to bring it into Streaky Bay. It was weighed at the grain silos, the only place in town with scales that large.

At over 5 metres long, this adult female is an impressive reminder of how big great white sharks can become and why we need to respect their habitat.

The shark is not the only large fish to have come from this part of the world. In 1918, a huge blue whale washed up on the beach at nearby Gibson’s Peninsula. It can now be seen in the front foyer of the South Australian Museum in Adelaide.

Take a Scenic Drive

Driving the coast of Eyre Peninsula is stunning no matter where you choose to do it, but there are three drives around Streaky Bay that will keep you busy for a full day and provide you with absolutely stunning scenery.

1 – Cape Bauer Loop Coastal Scenic Drive

The Cape Bauer Loop Coastal Scenic Drive has more of that spectacular Eyre Peninsula scenery. A great stop along this loop is the Whistling Rocks and the Blowholes. The sound the whistling rocks make is incredible. Hallys Beach is another great stop with a pristine beach just perfect for a stroll in the middle of your drive. The whole loop is around 40km (route map link) and will take 1.5 to 2 hours for the drive. Find out more on TripAdvisor.

2 – Westall Way Loop Drive

Views of beautiful beaches and cliffs. Good to stop at the “smooth pools” which could offer snorkelling on a good day. Lots of rock pools and boulders, very attractive bay for a stop off. The route takes you along craggy cliffs, sandy beaches, sheer rock cliffs and views as far as the eye can see. A great loop drive and lots to pull off the main road to see. Dirt roads but most are very well maintained.

From Streaky Bay the drive is about 55km and will take two to three hours to complete. Can be combined with sand boarding or 4WDriving the Yanerbie sand dunes.

TIP: It is suggested that you combine with the Westall Way Loop Drive and the Point Labatt Loop Drive (see below) as well as a visit to Murphy’s Haystacks (see below) on your way back to Streaky Bay. This is a 165km round trip (route map) from Streaky Bay but really worth it!

3 – Point Labatt Scenic Drive

This is probably the best (but longest) drive for you to do as it takes you to the Point Labatt sea lion colony view point. It is notable as one of the largest Australian mainland breeding sites for Australian sea lions. This clifftop overlooks rocks where the sea lions like to rest. Along the way out to Point Labatt Conservation Park you will see some stunning scenery and have the opportunity to see local wildlife.

From Streaky Bay the round trip is about 100km, mostly on dirt roads, and can take up to half a day depending on how often you stop to explore.

Murphy’s Haystacks

Of all the granite rocks in the area, these are the most well-known. They are located just off the highway between Streaky Bay and Port Kenny and are well signposted. These are some of the oldest rocks in Australia at about 3 billion years old. Murphy’s Haystacks sit dotted over an area of private farmland. Entry is clearly marked and uses an honour system, with entry just $2 per person or $5 for a family.

On arrival the most photographed group of rocks is easily seen right in the middle of the field, but ensure you continue to follow the path and also take a look at the other rocks in the scrub. There are a lot more here and some are particularly interesting or beautiful. A visit at sunset can be especially impressive.

There are picnic and toilet facilities here, and make sure you also grab a jar of Haystacks honey, if there is any available.

TIP: you may actually recognise some people in the photos below

Learn about the History of Streaky Bay at the Museums

Streaky Bay has two museums, the Streaky Bay National Trust Museum and the Powerhouse Museum. Both are located close to the centre of town and are easy to get to.

The National Trust Museum is located in the original 1901 school building and is open all day on Tuesday and Friday, and also Saturday mornings. Here you can find all sorts of historical artefacts from the region prior to 1940; the pioneer families, the shipping industry, local fauna and flora, even an old iron lung from the original doctor’s surgery.

The Powerhouse Museum is all about things with engines – and apparently it is one of the best in Australia (I am not any kind of judge of engine museums!). It is open from 2-5pm on Tuesday and Friday. They will also open by appointment if you give them a call.

Streaky Bay Jetty

The Streaky Bay Jetty has lovely views across the bay, and it is a spectacular spot for watching the sun go down. Look out for dolphins, they are easy to spot in the calm water. This is a great place to swim as it has a shark proof cage, good stairs to the water and a pontoon. It’s deep so you can also relive your childhood and safely jump off the jetty.


Streaky Bay is a great place if you want to fish. There is such a huge variety in the bay, but by far the most popular and most sort after fish by travellers is the King George Whiting. They like to hang around the ‘sandy’ spots and can be found out at the ‘Bushes’, in the ‘Bay’, up the ‘Creek’ or out at ‘Eba Anchorage’ which is just a few kilometres out of town on the road to Ceduna.

Squid is also in abundance and can be caught from just about anywhere in the area but there are certain spots where they lurk in greater numbers too. Species are Snapper, Skippy, Snook, Garfish, Herring, Flathead, Salmon, Blue Swimmer Crabs and Trumpeters.

Razor Fish

The last time the Touring Wombats were in Streaky Bay our neighbour took Neil out into the shallows, at low tide, to “pull” some razor fish. They are a shell fish that resembles a scallop and can be cooked & eaten the same way (panko crumbs in a shallow fry-pan).

Their shells are like flattened cones, about 300mm in length with the pointy end embedded in the sand and the “mouth” just poking out of the seabed. They grow in forests in certain areas of the bay, in front of the caravan park, and are only accessible at low tide. The catch limit is 25 per person per day (as per PIR website).

What do you need to pull razor fish? Reef walking shoes, thick gloves, something to break the shell & a container to place the hearts into (after harvesting). You keep the “heart”, which looks like a scallop, and discard the remainder (the fish love it) or keep it for bait if you’re fishing.

TIP: Neil will talk more about pulling Razor fish during our stay in Streaky Bay

Here is a video I found on YouTube showing how Razorfish are cleaned…

Streaky Bay Op Shop

Handy little op shop to pick up those things you might have forgotten to pack. Lots of warm clothes and kitchen items as well as good books.

Explore the Cemetery with a Heritage Tour

Cemeteries have a reputation as being creepy, but they can also be endlessly interesting if you choose to learn some of the stories behind the gravestones. In Streaky you can do a tour with an accredited guide and learn about some of the colourful pioneering characters that came to rest here.

The tours can be organised to suit your required times from Monday to Saturday, 9am to 4pm, and virtual tours can also be organised. You should find a flyer about this tour at the Shell Service station. To book, call Sandy on 0458707137

Nearest Supermarkets & Bottle Shops

Is it really over? Why don’t you join the Post Tagalong23 trip?

A small group of Tagalongers have banded together to travel westward after the Tagalong. Anyone can join in BUT this will be a case of you booking your own accommodation and going wherever you want – there’s no organising team etc.

It’s really just a bit of a “rough plan” with do real duration just a westward direction.

The Touring Wombats (Neil & Merrisa) have mapped out a rough agenda and this can be viewed on the Post Tagalong23 webpage via this link. Please contact Neil you’re interested.

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